Big Blues Party
Saturday, September 27, 2014
9:00pm - 21+
Zoogs Caveman Cookin' (map)
141 Chimacum
Port Hadlock, Wa, USA 98339

Zoog and Zoogwoman, (Bret and Michele Forsberg) are both locals who grew up in this area. Zoog graduated from Chimacum High and Zoogwoman right down the road at Quilcene. After High school Zoog joined the military and after six years found himself stuck in the deep south. After ten years Zoog finally made his way back home but during his travels ended up barbequing in Texas, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida. Once Zoog came back he took a job working as an electrician but spent most of his free time barbequing for large groups of his friends and family. Three years ago some of those friends talked him into setting up a barbeque at the Hadlock Days Fair and then the Jefferson county Fair. People loved his Old south slow smoked meats so much that he set up a small stand In Hadlock. After a year, and with a lot of help from Zoogwoman, he was able to build his large traveling barbeque stand with Zoogwoman's cave hut on the front. After another year and a half setting up in Chimacum and fine tuning their recipes they were finally able to purchase a local restaurant. Now they offer all their slow smoked meats and delicious side dishes seven days a week. Come in and find out why down south barbeque is more than just a word, it's a tradition. Try some of the mouth watering side dishes who's recipes have been handed down In Zoog and Zoogwoman's families for three generations.

Other Info
BBQ, the Real Deal, Beverages, and Down Home Blues, Yeah!!!!!! Only $3 bones

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